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Why Are Bands On Filter Cartridges?

Bands are placed on cartridges to prevent pleats from “fluttering”. Fluttering is caused by water turbulence and pressure inside the canister of the filter during the filtration cycle.  These bands also help to maintain the pleat spacing which in turn assists the filter cartridge in lasting longer, filtering better and cleaning the filter cartridge much easier. 

Not all cartridges have bands. Smaller cartridges in spas and above ground pools do not require banding for a couple of reasons:

 1)  The filters are so small they don’t need bands

 2)  The pressure inside a spa or smaller filter is less than that in a larger pool filter thus no band is required. 

On a well made cartridge, bands carefully adhere to the outer edges of the pleat fold. These bands rarely come loose. However, if a band splits it will not affect the filtration performance of the element and does not affect the warranty. When the bands become loose and worn or breaks off it is generally time to replace the cartridge element.