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Pool & Spa Cartridge Rotation

You should clean your filter cartridge in your spa about once a month, depending on bather load. The cartridge in your pool filter should be cleaned every time the pressure gauge reaches 8 – 10 pounds above the normal operating pressure.  For cleaning tips see “How Do I Clean My Pool or Spa Cartridge Filter?”

It is a good idea to have an extra back up cartridge on hand at all times. When you clean your pool cartridge or spa filter you should soak it to really get the grease, grime and oils off the filter media. Sometimes this may mean soaking the cartridge for several hours or even overnight for the best results.  You may not want to have your pool shut down or not be able to use your spa during this time period.  With a back up cartridge you can place the clean, dry back up cartridge in the filter while cleaning the one you just removed from the pool or spa filter.

Allowing the cartridge filter to dry out completely allows for even better cleaning and longer life spans.  This allows all living micro-organisms to die off as they can’t live within a dry cartridge without moisture.  Once the filter element is dry you can take a soft bristle brush and brush off the loose dirt that did not come off while you were cleaning it with the hose, automatic cleaner or cleaning solutions.  You may also take an air compressor and carefully blow off dirt that has stuck deep inside the pleats.  Since you have placed your extra backup cartridge in the filter you have time to treat this one properly and get it ready for the next use.  This will also prolong the lifespan of your cartridge considerably.

Following are some other reasons to rotate your filter cartridges:

  • You are going to have a party and realize you need to clean your spa filter, you don’t have time to clean it properly but need your spa in prime operating condition…quick – go get your back up filter and put it in the spa, and you can clean the dirty one later. Note: It is always healthier to START your spa party with a thoroughly cleaned or new filter AND clean it again AFTER the party is over.
  • Your kid’s birthday swim party is in two days, you have to get the pool cleaned up, the filter is dirty – you take it out to clean it and remember that you really should have replaced the cartridges weeks ago as they won’t last another cleaning, now what….Grab the backup cartridge/s, throw the old cartridge/s away, after the party get on line and go to and buy new backup cartridges that will be shipped to your door in just a few days. 
  • You go to clean your cartridge, boy are they a mess!  You remember that the last cartridge you cleaned was dried and put in the garage, go get the backup cartridge, now you can take your time cleaning the dirty cartridge properly and allow it to dry properly thus prolonging it’s life and cleaning effectiveness.