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Filter cartridges are made from 100% spunbond polyester. Media allows for trappings of dirt, particles and micro organisms that are in the pool or spa water therefore filtering the impurities out of the water before returning it to the pool or spa. (Some cheaper cartridges will have a paper based media; only uses the best quality 100% spunbond polyester filter media).

The spunbond media in the filter cartridge is pleated with sharp, crisp pleats (this is a sign of quality manufacturing) to assist in trapping the dirt and debris. This media comes in different weights or thicknesses, the thicker or heavier the media the more filtering capability it will have. The industry standard is a 3 ounce media. 4 ounce is heavier duty and 6 ounce is extra heavy duty.

Microns are the size of particles in the water, i.e. table salt is measured at 90 microns. Anything smaller than 35 microns is not visible with the human eye.

Following is the explanation of the different media weights:
Standard Duty:  3 ounce filtration media is the most common in the pool and spa industry. It will filter down to about 30 - 40 microns.
Heavy Duty: 4 ounce 100% spunbond polyester will filter down to about 15-20 microns. This heavier material will provide you with slightly better water clarity than the standard 3 ounce media.
Xtra Heavy Duty: 6 ounce filtration media is much heavier than the 3 or 4 ounce. The heavier material provides for better filtration down to about 5 - 10 microns. Due to the heavier 100% spunbond polyester material a filter with this media will have a longer life and provide you with an even clearer, cleaner water.
Anti-Microbial: This product is explained in details on the page “What is Microban Antimicrobial?” Basically anti-microbial technology is built into the product during the manufacturing process and becomes an un-separable part of the product. When microbes such as bacteria, mold, fungi, etc. reach the filter, the Microban attacks these microbes and disrupts the cell function so the microbe cannot function, grow or reproduce.
When shopping on you can look at the “product options” on the product page to see which weights are offered for the product you are purchasing.