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11 Tips to Prolonging Filter Cartridge Life

1.  Clean the elements per Cleaning Instructions for Chlorine or Bromine or Cleaning Instructions for Baquacil or BaquaSpa. Always read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions.

2.  Do not allow excessive buildup of debris or dirt on the cartridge

3.  Never use a stiff brush to clean the filter element – a water hose nozzle, water wand, jet wands or automatic spray cleaners are recommended

4.  Never use a power washer to clean the filter element as it could tear or cause a puncture in the media element.

5.  Never use household bleach to clean the filter element as this will weaken the fibers in the filter cartridge and decrease its lifespan.

6.  Maintain proper water chemistry in the pool or spa.

7.  Do not allow the pressure in the pool filter to rise above 8 – 10 pounds over normal operating pressure – when it does it is time to clean the cartridges.

8. Alternate between two sets of cartridges when cleaning Why Should I Rotate by Filter Cartridge?”

9.  Use an enzyme treatment such as Spa Perfect or other quality enzymes to break down the oils that build up on the filter cartridge. Also use a good chemical cleanerto dissolve the oils, grease and fungi prior to cleaning the cartridge.

10. Use scum balls or spa disk in your spa skimmer as these dramatically reduce the amount of  body oils and grease that actually get into the filter by trapping the oils and grease along with other tiny particles – thus, less cleaning may be required. This will assist in extending the cartridge lifespan.

11. Place a Filter Saver in the skimmer basket of your pool. This is a fine net, sock-like, disposable material that fits within your skimmer basket and collects debris and tiny particles that can slip through the skimmer basket and the pump basket. These particles can clog your impeller and build up on your cartridge thus reducing the water flow and increasing the need to clean your filter.  Simply empty the Filter Saver as needed, rinse and reuse until they wear out, and then replace them. They are drastically cheaper than replacing cartridges prematurely.