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12 Tips For Spa Safety

Spas and Hot Tubs are a wonderful way to relax, revitalize and enjoy yourself. The hydrotherapy is rejuvenating to a tired or sore body and soul. However, it can also be dangerous if basic, common sense safety rules are ignored. Following are a few safety tips you should always follow:

1. Never heat your spa or hot tub above 104 degrees F. Many spas have safety features that won’t allow it anyway. But be sure to check it yourself.

2. Avoid alcohol consumption when using your spa.

3. Always shower and clean your feet off before using your spa – this prolongs your filter life by keeping it clean longer.

4. Limit your time to 15-20 minutes per use.

5. Maintain a proper sanitizer level with either, chlorine, bromine or a biguanide product such as Baqua Spa. Test for balance of all chemicals using a test kit or test strips. (see chart below)

6. Add each chemical separately.


8. Always store chemicals according to the manufacturer’s label instructions and keep them out of reach of children.

9. If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or suffering from any cardiovascular condition; consult your physician prior to using a spa.

10. Never allow children to use the spa without adult supervision.

11. Never use electrical equipment near or in the spa i.e. corded phones, hairdryers, radios or any other electrical device. Do not come in contact with any electrical device while you have wet hands, feet or when barefoot.

12. Always keep the spas covered and always use a locking device on your cover for added safety.  Keeping the spa covered will also be more energy efficient.

For additional safety information, visit the NSF website regarding swimming pool & spa safety.

Basic Water Chemistry Readings


7.4 – 7.6

Sanitizer (Chlorine or Bromine)

1 – 3 ppm


80 – 120 ppm

Calcium Hardness

150-400 ppm

For more details see “Water Chemistry For Pools and Spas”